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This time it is NOT me, it IS you!!

No, we're not talking breakups here, we're talking business improvement. It isn't about the consultant, the next "IT" thing in business or some buzzword you heard on your last webinar (since you couldn't be there in person). What truly is important is you, your company, your problems and YOUR GOALS!

The books, the lectures, the advice or just ideas you got from somewhere you can't remember, might all be part of your personal solution. The key, as any great chef knows, is how you blend all these ingredients into your creation.

As you go to work on your next 'Biggest Issue', when you seek advice or consultation, make sure that the source of your help is an informed source. Not just informed on the topic, but also informed of YOUR needs, YOUR issues, YOUR culture and YOUR goals. Tailoring excellent tools to your specific situation and culture increases your odds of success every time.

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